No Nonsense

No Nonsense November

This month I want to do something that’s kind of a cross between goal-getting and a 30-day challenge – I’m calling it No Nonsense November.  I’m defining it as my absolute refusal to put up with my own nonsense or that of others for the next month in an attempt to be happier overall. via GIPHY (well, maybe not all…

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Throwback Thursday – Weird Al Lovin’

So my handy dandy calendar reminded me that October 12 is the 4th anniversary of the day when nearly grinned my teeth right out of my head while I petted Mr. Alfred Matthew Yankovic’s hair like a bunny backstage after a concert. This action may not sound like the achievement of a lifelong goal to some, but believe me, gentle…

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40 at 40

Today I am 40!  As my son would say so succinctly, “Well, THAT happened.” I’m not quite sure how I’m feeling about hitting this milestone – I’m swirling a little bit of high-fiving myself for making it this far and a little bit of abject terror at what to do with myself in this next season of life into one…

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