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No Nonsense November

This month I want to do something that’s kind of a cross between goal-getting and a 30-day challenge – I’m calling it No Nonsense November.  I’m defining it as my absolute refusal to put up with my own nonsense or that of others for the next month in an attempt to be happier overall.

(well, maybe not all nonsense)

What kind of nonsense-refusal could that include?  Well, the first thing that comes to mind is my reluctance to use this beautiful blog that I’ve made and put money into because I’m afraid I’m going to sound dumb or people will be me mean to me about the things I write.  I may sound dumb.  And people may be mean.  But I want to write about the stuff that interests me, and I have fun when I do so – therefore, to hell with it, I’m going to do it.  None of your nonsense, Anxiety Self.

Another thing that comes to mind is how I need to police my time to put work into my personal goals.  As a substitute teacher, a lot of my job was literally to be available if I was needed (even though I wasn’t paid for that part…).  In the past, I would literally wait to be needed, either by my kid, my job, or somebody else.  And while I waited, I wasted time, either by watching TV or surfing Facebook and Pinterest for hours a day.  I didn’t feel like I could get started on anything of substance for fear of being interrupted by my “real” job – so now this IS my real job, for as long as I can manage it.  I am mindfully making the choice not to substitute teach unless my boss is in dire straits for coverage this school year – it will mean a financial hit, but I’m gaining a lot in personal fulfillment and passing that on to my family in their having a happier Lady running the ship.

See?  It’s working already!

Other nonsense you’ll see me saying “no” to in the coming weeks includes:

  • Disorganization and “analysis paralysis” (Countered by my bullet journaling to keep myself organized and creatively motivated)
  • Lazy housekeeping (Fended off by my regulated efforts to get my literal house in order)
  • Bad health choices (Stymied by my continuing commitment to DASH dieting and exercise to bolster my health)
  • Mindless spending (Thwarted by my work to rebuild our savings after a rough money year)
  • Food fatigue (Spoiled by my attempts to cook at home and make meals everyone in my family will actually eat every night this month)
  • Creative slumps (Eradicated by my crafting with essential oils, felt, and paper to learn something new and have some fun)
  • Personal stagnation (Defeated by my reading and reviewing several self-improvement books and several ripping good novels)

(And I didn’t even use the thesaurus once for all those conquering words!) 😉

I hope you will play along and search out some nonsense in your own life that you want to say “no” to as well – I know it’s doing wonders for me!

I will check in with you again on Friday with an update on my progress in my various areas of “nopeness” – wish me luck!

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