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No Nonsense November Wrap Up

I had planned to cover a different topic every week this month, but I didn’t stay quite as true to posting about my efforts as I would’ve liked.  Such is life!  I posted more than zero times, though, so I’m taking that as good progress.

Here’s some other progress I made in my challenge:

  • I fought disorganization and “analysis paralysis” by doing the things – I planned my monthly meals, shopped for them, and stuck to my plan.  I used my bullet journal to keep track of projects I want to do and how I intend to do them.  (Some of them have been moved to “in the future” because this time of year is an absolute time suck with all the preparations for the holidays, but at least they’re on a list!)  This has worked very well for me and I intend to keep it up!
  • I battled lazy housekeeping by sticking to a schedule (again kept in my trusty bullet journal) that split the bigger tasks like cleaning the bathroom, changing the sheets, sweeping the carpets, etc. into a 4-week rotation and by spot-cleaning as messes arose.  I also made 2 trips to Goodwill with items that I weeded out in my holiday decorating and in revamping the boy’s closet so I quit tripping over things I know we no longer need.  I’ll continue this as well.
  • I made good health choices for 3 of the 4 weeks this month – I will admit to stress eating in the week preceding Thanksgiving (deep-fried food makes things better in the short run), and I paid for it physically by gaining back several pounds in water weight.  However, it’s coming back off quickly now that I’m behaving again – lesson learned for next month!  I also managed to keep walking every day this month, even just a mile a day, and intend to do the same in December – perhaps adding in some strength training if I have the wherewithal.
  • I avoided food fatigue by planning out all my meals for the month in one sitting, so I could see where the repetition came into play and plan accordingly.  We actually had a very good month of eating well but healthfully!  It took work and I had to remind myself that the meal plan was locked in so I didn’t stray to Arby’s now and then, but we managed it well.  I liked this system very much and will be using it again.
  • I busted my creative slump by blogging!  I didn’t stick quite to the schedule I’d envisioned, and I didn’t write as much as I’d hoped, but I did more than I have in a very long time, and it was FUN to tell a story or two and try new things.  I also have colored several greeting cards and papercrafted others for Thanksgiving and plan to do the same for Christmas.  I plan to make some gifts with my essential oils for Christmas, and after the new year, I’ll move on to catching up on some scrapbooking.
  • I have kept myself growing personally by reading more good books.  I’ve particularly enjoyed a couple of self-improvement books by Brene Brown (which I will be reviewing on the blog in the weeks to come), and I always love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series (I plowed through The Scottish Prisoner and finished up The Firey Cross this month – fantastic stuff!).  I have a couple more books on my list both for entertainment and development – more on them as I get time to read.
  • I was more mindful with my spending this month, but not to the degree I’d hoped, because I stupidly assumed I could wait until December to buy Christmas gifts (ha!).  I did stay within our gift-buying budget, though, and I did manage to keep the buying of decorations down to a minimum (we had to have new lights for the tree because ours died, but that was it).  And our grocery bill was a whopping $250 less than last month because of my No Nonsense plan of buying the bulk of it in one early trip, then going in on surgical strikes for perishables the rest of the month.  I didn’t manage to save that $250 due to holiday expenses, but at least I didn’t spend that much more!

Overall, this month was a success, and this challenge laid some groundwork for me to keep improving.  I’m learning over time that all these “30-day challenges” always fall apart on me in 30 short days, but if I extend them to 90-day challenges, I do pretty well on them…I see no reason not to expect the same here.  No Nonsense will continue through the winter months – stay tuned for more. 🙂

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