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Lady the Half-Assed Witch’s Everyday Magic Challenge

I’ve been reading and learning everything I can get my hands on about practical Paganism and green/cottage witchery for the last six months, and now I’d like to start doing more with the information I’ve gleaned and the powers I’m manifesting.  I get a kick out of doing challenges when the topic trips my trigger and the format is structured enough to keep me honest yet loose enough to work with my half-assed life.  Last year I participated in an online “self-care summer camp experience” and I had a ball, so this year I made my own witchy version.  It is AWESOME, if I do say so myself, and it makes me feel really good, which is kind of the whole point of a self-care challenge, isn’t it?  If it trips your trigger, too, please join the Half-Assed Circle Facebook Page and post pics and comments about what you’re doing so we can build a community of Half-Assed Witches doing awesome things together! 🙂

Lady the Half-Assed Witch’s Everyday Magic Challenge

Finding the confidence, time, and focus to practice everyday magic isn’t always easy,
nor is finding time to nurture our bodies and souls so we can work our best magic everyday.  
Let’s work together to find a practical way to walk the walk that fits with the mundane parts of our lives!

The Challenge:  Everyday Magic Challenge – Google Docsprintable version

Half-ass an hour a day in 10 minute increments to build your craft and nurture body and soul.  First, choose one area of witchcraft that you want to know more about or want to get better at practicing.  Then try to spend a few minutes daily focusing on these six areas of connection:  nature, craft, physical, spiritual, hearth/home, and human.

Getting Started

This challenge is intended to get you to build daily habits that will allow you to use yourself and what you already have in your home more effectively, so you won’t need to purchase anything new unless you want to.  
Take a few moments to make sure you have the following on hand, and you’re good to go:

  • A journal/grimoire (can be as simple as a notebook and pen, or an electronic note-taking device)
  • Books, websites, or study resources of your choice based on your area of focus
  • Tools and supplies of choice for practicing your area of focus
  • A mindless handcraft of your choice
  • Physical self-care items of your choice (bath salts, lotion, essential oils, etc.)
  • Hygge/comfort items of your choice (lights, blankets, pillows, music, etc.)
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt and Journaling Ideas lists
  • Self-improvement journal prompts if desired (check Pinterest for lots of ideas)
  • Access to the Half-Assed Circle Facebook Page to share your half-assed endeavors

Rules of Engagement

  1. Do it every damn day that you are able.  Life is going to happen, bodies and people are going to be uncooperative, and things are going to throw you off your groove, but you really can make time to do something almost every single day.  And to get better at something, you kind of have to at least try – even when it’s scary or hard. From my own experience, I recommend that you do not voluntarily skip more than one day, or you will lose ground you fought hard to gain.
  2. Do what feels good to you.  Yes, you have to exercise every day you’re able.  No, you do not have to do an exercise that hurts or exhausts you every day.  Yes, you have to read/study every day. No, you do not have to finish reading a crappy book that isn’t doing you any good.  Yes, you have to stick with your focus craft long enough to figure out whether or not it’s what your spirit needs. No, you don’t have to stick with it once you figure out it’s truly not for you.

Focus Areas

  • Natural Connection:  
    • Objective:  to strengthen your connection with the natural world by spending time outside daily, observing nature, and reflecting on the feelings/connections it provides
    • Missions:  complete at least one daily
      • Moment of Zen:  sit outside and actively ground yourself by absorbing the natural world around you with all your senses.  Fill your mind rather than clearing it in this meditation. Getting your bare hands or feet in the grass or dirt is a bonus!
      • Nurture Nature:  grow or tend something outdoors.  If you don’t garden, you can feed the birds, pick up litter, or beautify your surroundings in other ways.
      • Nature Scavenger Hunt:  observe and photograph the natural objects/concepts in the list provided a few at a time.  Please feel free to share with the FB group!
      • Nature Journaling:  free write or use the Nature Journal Ideas and Scavenger Hunt provided to document and explore your connections in your grimoire.  
  • Craft Building:  
    • Objective:  to learn the nuts and bolts of your craft by reading, researching, or creating
    • Missions:  complete at least one daily
      • Everyday Focus:  read from a book or blog of your choice that goes beyond the basics of your practice and discusses what it means to walk the walk of everyday witchery.  Keep notes in your journal of resonant quotes or new ideas to consider.
      • Hone Your Craft:  spend time researching one facet of one specialty you’re interested in.  If you are a beginner, feel free to research the very basics or history of the craft.  Keep notes about what you’ve researched in your journal.
      • Spell It Out:  find one new spell per week that you’d like to try, then gather the needed supplies and perform it.  Record the spell, methods, and observations in your grimoire
      • Grimoire Growth: curate your grimoire as you add your experiences to it.  Add dividers for sections, or choose a bullet journaling method of numbering and cataloging that will allow you to access the information easily.  If you don’t prefer paper, try a digital version using Google Docs or Evernote. Whatever method you choose, be sure it works for you!
  • Physical Connection:
    • Objective:  to nurture your body through exercise, nutrition, and physical self-care
    • Missions:  complete at least one daily, but try to eat well and gently exercise 5 days a week
      • Nutrition Mission:  begin/maintain a healthy eating plan, or make at least one positive change in your diet that will help support your physical health per week
      • Solid Strength:  choose a method of physical exercise and practice it as often as you can – walk, run, dance, stretch, chair exercise, tai chi, yoga – whatever works for you
      • Keeping House:  show reverence for the temple that is your body (no matter how rickety the architecture!) by keeping the outside as healthy as the inside – lotion your feet, moisturize your face, take a bath, diffuse oils, deep condition your hair, etc.
      • Mind-Body Connection:  Observe your inner well-being by keeping notes on how you feel both physically and mentally after you have eaten well and exercised.  If you’d like, you can use bullet journal methods to track your food intake, physical activity, mood, and mental sharpness in your journal or grimoire during this period to observe trends.
  • Spiritual Connection:
    • Objective:  to nurture your soul and spirit through meditation, worship, and mental self-care
    • Missions:  complete at least one daily, but try to journal a bit every day you are able
      • Journaling:  Use prompts, record a moment of gratitude or connection, or just free write.
      • Relaxation Through Creation:  do a handcraft of your choice that doesn’t have a pressing purpose to it and let your mind wander away and rest from everyday life.
      • Mental Housecleaning:  sit with yourself in silence (or with gentle, instrumental music) and clear your mind of the mundane as much as possible.  When thoughts keep nagging you, jot them down in a Brain Dump to deal with later and then move on. The objective here is to empty some mind space for bigger and better things to ponder.
      • Deep Connection:  focus your mind on your connection with Something Bigger –  the Earth, a deity, the Universe at large, whatever you believe in.  Envision yourself being a working part in a larger complex system. If you worship, speak to your deities and make requests, but also listen for their prompts and responses.  This is your time to open yourself and get closer to the ancient and greater powers of our world. Record anything that resonates with you in your grimoire.
  • Hearth and Home Tending:
    • Objective:  to tend your hearth and make your home a haven for you and yours
    • Missions:  complete at least one daily
      • Cleanliness/God(dess)liness:  make a schedule of 5 minutes of tidying up one area a day – sweep floors, wipe the bathroom and kitchen counters, put away clutter, etc.  
      • Repair and Maintain:  take 10 minutes to repair or replace nonfunctional things or spruce up run-down things.  If you find something needs a larger repair or more attention, schedule time and help to get the job done today, then follow through later.
      • “Suffer” Project:  Find a home-related project you really want to have done, but just can’t seem to get the motivation to complete.  Set a timer for 10 whole minutes and “suffer” while you work toward finishing it in small doses. (Thanks, Gretchen Rubin!)
      • Hygge Hearth Time:  Enjoy the coziness and security of your home for 10 uninterrupted minutes.  Pull out and use comfortable cushions, blankets, fans, fairy lights, candles, oil diffusers, soft music – whatever you have on hand to make your space a peaceful place to relax and recharge.
  • Human Connection:
    • Objective:  to connect with others, giving of yourself and drawing energy from those around you
    • Missions:  complete as many as possible daily
      • Help and Be Helped:  If you find yourself needing help to complete a task, ask someone for it and allow them to help you share the load.  If you find yourself with the time and resources to help others, reach out and carry some of their load however you can.
      • Serve and Be Served:  Give something of yourself to others through industry – work definitely counts for this.  When you interact with others who are serving you, let them do their jobs fully and show appreciation for the work they’re doing for you.
      • Lift and Be Lifted:  If you are down or afraid or in need of encouragement, ask for support.  If you see someone feeling the same, lift them up with your words and actions.
      • Enjoy and Be Enjoyed:  Have fun with your people – listen to their stories with interest and play with them in the way they enjoy when they invite you to do so.  When you have the opportunity, share your own stories and ask them to play your way as well.

Everyday Magic Challenge – Google Docs – printable version of the challenge

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