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Lammas: One Corny Sabbat Celebration

While it often plays second fiddle to wheat in Lammas observances, corn is plentiful during this season and deserves a little celebrating of its own.


I experimented with this awesome cornbread recipe and fancied it up by stirring in a chopped jalapeño, some frozen sweet corn kernels, some Fiesta Blend cheese, and some dried cherry tomatoes. These gorgeous muffins were crumbly but moist and packed with spicy, salty, and savory flavors beyond the sweetness of the corn.  Growing up, I never liked cornbread — but with this recipe, I have firmly changed my opinion!


I was also lucky enough to have the time and opportunity to visit a dear friend who has turned his hand to produce farming and used some of his delicious, succulent sweet corn to make corn chowder using this recipe.  Sweetened with honey and the natural sugars of the corn, it’s a very sweet soup, but we enjoyed it as a change of pace.

In kitchen witchery terms, my cooking for this Sabbat harnessed the power of the sun and of the Goddess with its correspondences this time – pretty heady stuff!  Correspondences for the meal follow:

Corn:  The corn represents the sun (yellow in color, grown under the sun) and the Goddess (ripe seeds = feminine fertility and nurturing) and brings luck, prosperity, and abundance.

Potatoes:  stable, solid hearth-and-home magic (my favorite kind) that can help balance acidity and heat from other foods and spices

Honey:  a sacred element to Sabbat recipes, often used as an offering to the Powers that Be and representing the divine essence of the cosmos.  No, really!

Tomatoes:  feminine aphrodisiac favored by Aphrodite and Hera (rawr!).  Also protects from negative energies, inspires creativity (nod to Lugh), and is rich in vitamin C for a healthy bod.

Jalapeños:  said to guard against negative energies (always welcome) and a spicy treat to the senses

With such abundance from the Earth right now, this sabbat has been eager to provide me with plenty of culinary ideas to pay it homage.  And it’s also providing me with plenty of overabundance to preserve for the months to come – more on that in Mabon!

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