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As I talked about in my article about The Dark Mother, this time of year always sends my anxiety into overdrive and makes me feel very off-kilter – like walking-on-eggshells-through-a-minefield off-kilter – and it doesn’t help that everybody around me is probably feeling the same way, so they’re just as keyed up and touchy as I am.  When my anxiety…

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Monarch bonus: “Safe Travels” Vehicle Protection Sachet

So my monarch musings inspired a pretty cool witchy craft — since monarchs travel thousands of miles during their migrations, wouldn’t they be a pretty cool symbol for a “Safe Travels” sachet? Why, yes!  Yes, they would! I used a pattern from Downeast Thunder Farm for the monarch and made it from felt.  (I *LOVE* crafting with felt – it…

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Half-Assed Witchery, Wheel of the Year

Mabon Monarchs

Fluttery greetings, gentle readers!  Mabon is a season of marked change, and there’s not much I can think of that symbolizes change better than the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful Monarch butterfly.  I had the privilege of being up close and personal with a LOT of these lovelies as I raised over 120 to adulthood this summer and…

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