Monarch bonus: “Safe Travels” Vehicle Protection Sachet

So my monarch musings inspired a pretty cool witchy craft — since monarchs travel thousands of miles during their migrations, wouldn’t they be a pretty cool symbol for a “Safe Travels” sachet?

Why, yes!  Yes, they would!

I used a pattern from Downeast Thunder Farm for the monarch and made it from felt.  (I *LOVE* crafting with felt – it is the construction paper of the fabric world.)  As you can see from the photos, my arthritic hands didn’t allow me to embroider the veins and details on both sides of my monarch’s wings, but black and white paint markers did a fairly decent job and saved the old dexterity for sewing the two halves of the sachet shut, which seemed more important than the decorative business.

I added the following herbs for safe travels (correspondences by The Magickal Cat, but choice of herbs was mine):
Basil:  dispels confusion, fears, & weakness.  Carry to move forward in a positive manner despite perilous danger.  (Sounds legit for driving in traffic!)
Bay:  general protection
Caraway:  protection and anti-theft
Comfrey:  safety during travel
Lemon verbena:  increases effectiveness of other herbs and smells awesome
Mugwort:  increases powers of divination and enables astral travel (hopefully works for terrestrial travel, too!)
Oregano:  personal protection
Peppermint: anointing objects
Pepper, Black: courage, banishing negativity
Sage: protection and improved mental ability/wisdom

To give my spell a bit of extra boost, I tied nine knots at the base of the string I used for a hanger and used this incantation from Penniless Pagan:
“With each knot, I bind this spell
Safety, protection, all is well
Sheltered and shielded, this vehicle shall be
Three times three, so mote it be!”

This was a fun little project that I hope will keep me and my family safe as we travel during foul weather in this darker half of the year.  Enjoy!

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