Prepping the Hibernaculum – Magical Housecleaning Part 2

Welcome back, Household/Domestic Generals!  (No, really, that’s what Mrs. Beeton called them – think of it as a cross between Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. Hughes, and Lady Cora from Downton Abbey…)

Our next installment in the Prepping the Hibernaculum series involves both the mundane and spiritual sides of cleansing and blessing your home.  Remember, to get started, you’ll need to have prepared last week’s recipes for our Protection Spray and Five Elements Powder and Spray.

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

 Cleansing and Blessing 1:  Boundary BlessingImage result for google images witch with broom

This first ritual step is the one I intend to perform twice:  marking out my property’s boundaries and asking the Powers that Be to protect them once before I begin my cleaning, and again when I’ve made it through blessing all my rooms.  That way, I can keep the worldly bullshit at bay while I work, then open up the boundary on the next full moon to sweep out any bullshit I banish from inside the house, then cork it up again once the job’s done.  Two walks around my house and yard a month apart sound much easier to handle than rushing to get the whole house cleaned or leaving the newly cleared rooms unprotected while I work.

The Witches of the Craft put together a nice ritual that includes honoring your home’s personal guardians by sprinkling cornmeal around the outside of your home as an offering, moving from the left of your doorway clockwise, while chanting the following:

Blessings and honor to all who guard my boundaries
Blessings and thanks for your help and protection
May my property and dwelling be safe under your care.
I offer you friendship and blessings.

My only problem here is that I don’t buy in to leaving food offerings for the deities, at least not near my house.  Maybe it comes from living adjacent to a nature reserve and having to be careful not to attract all of nature’s other creatures to my doorway, or just from having ants in my kitchen one time too many.  I also have a strong anal-retentive inner conflict with sprinkling a highly-trackable powder in front of my doorways just before I’m intending to do a thorough cleaning of my floors – that seems like a recipe for a lot more vacuuming than I’m willing to do!

To solve this problem, I’m swapping out the corn meal for my Protection Spray recipe from Part 1.  I charged this first round of spray under the Harvest Moon this October, and I will charge it again under November’s Frost Moon with the water and oils refreshed (but keeping the same whole herbs since they’re to be used for the same intention).  Now that it’s charged and ready, I’m set to spray the living daylights out of my property boundaries when weather and energy allows – and if the neighbors get too nosy, it’ll be easy for me to just tell them I’m spraying to keep pests away (including them!).

 Image result for google images witch sweeping with broomCleansing and Blessing 2:  Entryway and Windows

Several sources I’ve read on home cleansings and blessings make a big point of telling us to thoroughly sweep our entryways and steps to rid them of old, stagnant negativity and make sure we don’t track it into our homes.  That’s what I plan to do second on my List O’ Witchy Cleaning Tasks – and after I sweep my portals clean with my Five Elements Spray-ed broom, I’ll give them a shot of my Boundary Blessing spray to seal the deal.  For an added boost of protection, I’ll give the bells I keep hanging on my front and back doors a little spritz as well so their chime can do double work repelling bad mojo from my nest.

I don’t really “do” windows as a homeowner should (sorry to my grandma Gayle, who would chafe mightily at that fact!), but do I like to open my windows while I’m cleaning house to “blow off the stink,” as we eloquently phrased it.  As I work through each room, I plan to keep any old dirt or negativity that from blowing back in by busting out the old sweeper attachment and vacuuming up the grungy crap that settles in the sills.  Again, Boundary Blessing spray shall be employed after the windowsills are clean, along with a quick chant of “This home is safe.  This home is sound.  Let stagnancy flee and good works abound.”  I like to think I’m multitasking with this spell since I let bad stuff out and good stuff in – we’ll see how it works!

Cleansing and Blessing 3:  Surfaces, Knick-Knacks, and FloorsImage result for google images witch sweeping with broom

It makes sense to me that dust and grime in my home would make the perfect sticking place for any negative energy that’s floating around, so that crud has got to go.  Again, I’m not going crazy and moving furniture (any bad chi back there can make friends with the dust bunnies and coexist happily), but I can manage to knock cobwebs out of the ceiling corners and give all my surfaces and shelves a wipe-down with a Five Elements-misted duster at the very least.  (If I’m feeling really sprightly, I may clean the mirrors, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet!)  As I finish tidying each room, I also want to use Erin at The Seasonal Soul’s idea of clearing the energy by ringing a bell (or at least clapping my hands) and saying: “I cleanse this room of negativity and any energy that doesn’t support our family.  Only happiness and positivity will prosper here.”

After I knock all the dust to the floor, I’ll sweep the hard floors with a broom misted with the Five Elements spray and vacuum the carpets with Five Elements cleaner.  (Remember to let it sit for 5 minutes before sweeping up so it can do its magical work.)  And lastly, I’ll clean out the dust cup of my vacuum OUTSIDE so I don’t redistribute all that bad chi right back into my hard-won sacred space!  (You’d think I’d learn not to do that after the 50th time, but…you’d be wrong!)

Cleansing and Blessing 4:  Clutter Removal

Gentle readers, I had intended to include this section with Part 2 of the hibernaculum prep, but frankly, it’s a much bigger topic that deserves its own space, so I decided to break it out for next week.  Stay tuned for some tips and spells to help you “minimize your overabundance” (my new catchphrase for “clean out your shit”)!

What areas of your house are toughest for you to keep clean, or what household chores are most troublesome for you?  Let’s talk about ways to use our magic to make them easier in the comments below or in The Half-Assed Circle on Facebook!  See you next week!

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