Solstice Sojourn: My Winter Solstice 2018

Greetings, gentle readers!  Here’s how I’m spending my Winter Solstice proper this year.  This is my actual written plan for the day, without a lot of extra frills – maybe some year I’ll have more time to dive deeper into it, but until such a time, I hope what I’ve put together entertains or inspires you.  Blessed Yule, my friends!

Friday Morning:

Greet the sun at sunrise. 

Say prayer for beginning of winter:  “See the gray skies overhead, preparing the way for the bright sun soon to come, for the world to awake once more, for the longest night of the year, for the sun to finally return, bringing its light and warmth.”

Light candles to burn all day (safely in jars, well attended, of course!)

Take a bath


  • What served me this year and what didn’t serve me?  Make list of what didn’t serve to burn tonight
  • What darkness does for us that light cannot:  regeneration, peace, dreams, organization,quiet, introspection
  • Count this year’s blessings/shortcomings:  “I am grateful for that which I have.  I am sorrowful or that which I do not.  I have more than others, less than some, but regardless, I am blessed with what is mine.” Literally enumerate both.
  • Look through old Christmas scrapbooks – remember and enjoy the Boychild’s little kid years fondly, then move on

Friday Afternoon:

Put mulled wine in crock pot on low:  7 Superfruits juice, apple cider, ½ cup honey, cranberries, 2 cinnamon sticks, 2 stars of anise (rum to be added later)

Make Yule Log HoHos

Go outside and bask in the sun, if possible – if not, bask in candlelight

Do tarot reading(s) for the new year

Set intentions for the new year (how I want to feel, NOT resolutions or goals yet)

Friday Evening:

Have Yule Log HoHos for dessert

Add rum and orange juice to the mulled wine

Burn the yule log outside:

  • “Goodbye Old King, hello New!  With this log we honor you.  The old reign’s gone, the new’s begun.  We welcome now the newborn Sun.”
  • “The longest night has come once more, the sun has set and darkness fallen.  The trees are bare, the earth asleep, and the skies are cold and black.  Yet tonight we rejoice, in this longest night, embracing the darkness that enfolds us. We welcome the night and all that it holds, as the light of the stars shines down.”
  • “May the log burn, may the wheel turn, may evil spurn, may the sun return”

Toast the Old Year and the Sun with mulled wine:

  • “Winter day of longest night, step aside now for the light!  Thank you for the things you’ve brought that only darkness could’ve wrought.”
  • Old King, we thank you for all you’ve done, for lessons learned and victories won.  But now it’s time to say adieu – your reign is finished, done and through.”  
  • Come forth, Young King of newest light.  Be born with ease; grow strong and bright.  Gain strength and stature in the sky, and shed your warmth on us from high.”

Burn what no longer serves us – All of these things that no longer serve me, I release to the Universe to set myself free.

Burn LOTS of candles up till bedtime – stay up with just candles, fireplace video, and tree on for a bit longer than usual

Friday Night:

Leave hearth light (Himalayan salt lamp) on at bedtime to help guide the sun through the darkness till morning

Saturday Morning:

Toast the new year at sunrise with orange juice, ring bells when it appears

Encourage the sun to grow with candles at breakfast

Have eggs for breakfast (sunny yolks)

Wear yellow and enjoy the sun as much as possible today

Buy sunflowers and yellow roses (solstice and my 17th anniversary!)

Give self over to enjoying the day with the Husband with no bullshit distractions 

Leave hearth light on all day while on date to encourage sun

**LOTS of inspiration drawn from Dorothy Morrison’s book “Yule:  A Celebration of Light and Warmth”, Patti Wigington’s work at Thoughtco, and Amy Cesari’s 2019 Planner for a Magical Year – will link when time allows!

If you find your way over to the Half-Assed Circle on Facebook, let me know how you’re celebrating this year!  Blessed, blessed solstice, friends! 

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  1. I love your blog so much! I am a newbie at all of this but this sounds like a wonderful solstice celebration to me!

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