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Lady the Half-Assed Witch’s Winter Journaling Challenge

Greetings, gentle readers! I’m plunging back into this whole blogging thing and want to invite you to participate in…

Lady the Half-Assed Witch’s Winter Journaling Challenge
60+ prompts to get you writing out your feelings on the season and its celebrations. (Imbolc prompts coming soon!) Come join us in my Facebook community, the Half-Assed Circle, to share your responses!

1. Study Yule correspondences in your brand of witchery – Crystals, herbs, divination, kitchen witchery, glamour, spell crafting, etc.
2. Recipes – what are your favorite Yule meals and treats?
3. Altar decorations – how do you honor the season with your trimmings and trappings?
4. Deities, beliefs, and folklore – what are your beliefs about the Yule season?
5. Activities, rituals, traditions – how do you celebrate the Yule season?
6. Nature connection – how can you work with the Earth’s slower, colder, and darker energy this season?
7. Nature connection – do you prefer heat or cold? How can you appreciate the balance between them?
8. Charities and acts of service – how can you show love and help others this season?
9. Gratitude for gifts given and received – what gifts have you received in your life this year, from others or from the Universe? What gifts have you given to others that made a difference in their lives?
10. Honor the season – What makes Yule special and distinct from all the other sabbats?
11. Honor the season – How do I find meaning in the sabbat of Yule in the midst of traditional Christmas celebrations?
12. Self-care for the season – how will I work to heal myself through rest, repose, and recuperation?
13. Honor the sun and its warmth and influence on your life. How do we benefit from this half of the natural balance? What are its disadvantages?
14. Honor the growing darkness and coldness of winter. How do we benefit from this half of the natural balance? What are its disadvantages?
15. Lights – how do you employ and appreciate light during this dark time?
16. Shadow work – what feeds your shadow/dark side the most right now? What can you do to minimize those things that make it hard to cope with?

1. Values – what truly matters to me
2. Things to manifest – what I truly desire in the upcoming year
3. Things to cultivate – what I truly want to nurture and continue
4. Success – definition and parameters, what success looks like to me
5. Things that are starting this year
6. Things I’m recommitting to this year
7. Things from the past to let go and leave behind
8. Things from the past that are coming to an end
9. What triumphs/successes did you achieve this past year? How did you celebrate them?
10. What emotions did you feel most strongly/most often this past year? How did you process them?
11. What mistakes did you make this past year? How did you correct them?
12. What lessons did you learn this past year? How will you employ those lessons moving forward?
13. Release 2020’s Word of the Year. Recognize what worked and what didn’t, thank it for its service, and let it go.
14. Embrace and set intentions for 2021’s Word of the Year.
15. Plan this year’s spiritual goals – what new ideas/techniques do you want to study or practice?

1. Decorations – favorites, sentiments, memories
2. Clothes/Accessories – favorites, sentiments, memories
3. Treats – favorites, sentiments, memories
4. Smells – favorites, sentiments, memories
5. Recipes – favorites, sentiments, memories
6. Music/TV/Movies – favorites, sentiments, memories
7. Gifts – favorite you’ve given
8. Gifts – favorite you’ve received
9. Shopping/Consumerism – Do you enjoy holiday shopping? If so, why? If not, why not?
10. Home for the Holidays – what does “home” look and feel like for you?
11. Holiday Cheer – what compliments and encouragement can you give to yourself and others?
12. Holiday Magic – what makes this time of year more special than any other?
13. Comfort – what makes you feel most comfortable, cozy, safe, and secure?
14. Joy – what makes you feel the happiest? What makes you excited, pleased, content?
15. Memory – what holiday memories are dearest to you? What passed loved ones do you like to remember around the holidays, and how do you honor their memory?
16. Gathering – when you’re able, who do you gather with for the holidays? Where and when do you gather? What do you do together when you do? If you’re not gathering, what are you doing on your own to celebrate the holidays?
17. Christmas – what makes this holiday special and distinct from all the other holidays?
18. Christmas – what does the traditional Christmas story of the birth of Jesus mean to you?

1. Favorite hot beverage or wintertime treat
2. Favorite cozy clothing or blankets
3. Winter gear – what do you wear to bundle up against the cold?
4. Snow – love it or hate it? Why? What memories do you have of snow experiences?
5. Winter where you live – what’s the weather like where you are during winter? Would you rather be here or somewhere else during this season?
6. What’s special about winter, as opposed to the other seasons?
7. Do you celebrate any other other winter festivals, like Saturnalia, Candlemas, etc.? If so, how? If not, research them to see what they’re all about.
8. As the days get longer, what are you most looking forward to about Spring? What seeds are you planting now that will grow and bloom in the months to come?
9. Sagittarius season (Nov. 23 – Dec. 22) – how can you work with this sign’s qualities of freedom, instinct, courage, and belief?
10. Capricorn season (Dec. 23 – Jan. 21) – how can you work with this sign’s qualities of determination, commitment, and morality?
11. Aquarius season (Jan. 22 – Feb. 20) – how can you work with this sign’s qualities of collective humanity, futurism, and revolution?
12. Pisces season (Feb. 21 – Mar. 19) – how can you work with this sign’s qualities of sensitivity, spirituality, and subconscious dreams?
13. Full Cold Moon (December) rituals/meditations – how can you work with this moon’s energy of releasing the past and lighting the way into the unknown new year?
14. Full Wolf Moon (January) rituals/meditations – how can you work with this moon’s energy of protection and reassessment of habits and routines that no longer serve us?
15. Full Snow Moon (February) rituals/meditations – how can you work with this moon’s energy of planting seeds/making small changes that will grow into new successes and triumphs in the coming months

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