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Preparing to Seal the Hibernaculum: Magical House Cleaning, Part 1

Fall is fully upon us, gentle readers, at least here in the Midwest, where the leaves and temperatures are both dropping drastically.  One of my goals for this season is to get my house, affectionately called The Hibernaculum, mundanely cleaned and magically blessed and protected before Winter sets in and I basically seal the doors until Spring. Traditional witchy sources…

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Book Review and Commentary:  Perfect Weight by Deepak Chopra

“When you feel healthy, energetic, physically attractive, and comfortable with your body, then and only then are you at your ideal weight.” — Deepak Chopra, Perfect Weight As part of my sporadic Campaign to Less Fatness, I picked up Perfect Weight by Deepak Chopra.  I’ve been looking into Ayurvedic medicine through my herbalism studies, and Dr. Chopra’s Western medical background,…

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