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Groundhog Day and Imbolc

Firstly, apologies for the long absence.  To keep it short, Winter sucks.  Which is why today’s entry makes it all better…or at least starting to be better. One of my favorite fascinations in life is learning about the rituals that spawned the traditions we now follow around some of our weirder holidays, such as Groundhog Day (February 2 in the…

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Philosophy: El Caganer

Instead of storytime this week, I thought I would introduce you gentle readers to the complicated but entirely accurate concept of El Caganer.  (If you are easily offended regarding religion, it might be best if you skipped this entry!) Translated as “The Defecator” or “The Shitter,” El Caganer is a creation of the people of Catalonia, Spain, who place a…

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