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Lammas: One Corny Sabbat Celebration

While it often plays second fiddle to wheat in Lammas observances, corn is plentiful during this season and deserves a little celebrating of its own.   I experimented with this awesome cornbread recipe and fancied it up by stirring in a chopped jalapeño, some frozen sweet corn kernels, some Fiesta Blend cheese, and some dried cherry tomatoes. These gorgeous muffins were crumbly…

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Lugh, My Creative Homeboy

Lugh (pronounced “Loo”) is the Irish/Celtic embodiment of the craftsman archetype deity – a god of skill and distribution of talent.  He is highly proficient in art, poetry, medicine, martial arts, and more, and he invented fidchell (Gaelic chess), ball games, and horse racing.  This guy is not just a jack-of-all-trades, he is the master of ALL the trades. Lugh…

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Lammas Tidings!

Cross-quarter sabbats like Lammas are the main reason I really dig the Wheel of the Year structure of the calendar so much.  When you depend on the traditional Western calendar rather than syncing with the real transitions of the seasons, the changes come on you like a rushing freight train – summersummersummersummerWHAM-IT’S-FALL-STOP-SUMMERING-AND-DO-ALL-THE-FALL-THINGS-NOW!!!  When the Wheel turns more slowly, you get…

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