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If I use a product I like, I will review it or link to it on this blog because I like it and want to tell you about it.  Being a good red-blooded American capitalist, I will attempt to get free stuff or make money off these affiliate links because I also like free stuff and money.   I will provide links for you to use, should you so choose, when you go to buy anything you see and like on my website, and the companies will pay me a little something for sending you their way.  It will cost you nothing extra to use these affiliate links, but will give me a little kick in the bank account, so it will be much appreciated if you do so.  Bear in mind that I am very straight-from-the-hip when it comes to backing a product: if I write about it and link to it, I have used it and personally endorse it.  I will always let you know that a link is affiliate or content is sponsored, but if I mess up and forget, please feel free to e-mail me and let me know – I will rectify the error post haste.  Thanks for your support of my side hustle!



I will totally own any comments I make on this blog, but I am not responsible for any other jerkfaces who offend people in the comments.   Imperfectly Accurate has a zero tolerance policy for bullshit drama – respectful and intellectual debate is welcome, but if you are causing trouble, you will be blocked.  Everybody, just please play nicely and we’ll get along just fine.

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When you sign up to receive my e-mails, you agree to receive whatever I send to the Imperfectly Adequate e-mail list, including the weekly newsletter and the occasional offer.  (VERY occasional – I’m not selling anything yet!)  Your e-mail will only be used by me to communicate with you – I will never share your e-mail info with anyone without your permission.  You may opt out any time after you sign up, and I will never charge you to be on the Imperfectly Adequate e-mail list.  


Here in the U.S., any original content I put on this blog is copyrighted to me without me having to do a darn thing legally – that is awesome!  However, it’s very easy for us to appropriate each other’s stuff on the internet, such as bullet journal layouts and craft ideas…so let’s agree not to be jerks to each other, shall we?  If you like what I show you, you are welcome to reproduce it for your own personal use, but if you put photos of it online, please give me a link and a credit.  And most importantly, make your own stuff!  I’ll probably like to come see it, too, and if I make it, I’ll credit you right back.  Lastly, if you see something of yours that I have linked to but not properly credited, please give me a shout and I will fix it ASAP.